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Start the Journey of your Textile Business towards a Seamless Digital Future with SAP & Gloitt

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The textile industry has come a long way from when the first cotton mill was established in Bombay in 1854. The industry that once relied heavily on labour has today developed an engineering activity that uses various technologies to design and develop textiles. And with advancements in technologies like predictive analytics, IoT, artificial intelligence and ERP textile businesses have a golden opportunity to grow, thrive, and deliver like never before.

Through automated control over the textile fabrication process from design and colouring to fibre construction, fabric creation, finishing, and delivery.

SAP solution companies

But, the journey to digital transformation is an intensive one, especially when applied to textile – an industry built upon the finer details and with various pain points like dye stock management, workforce coordination, maintenance of machines, and the like. SAP solutions can help overcome these barriers and grow your textile business multi-fold:

  • With SAP solution companies can achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through streamlined order configuration and timely deliveries.

  • SAP gives instant access to all your company information in real-time and allows you to provide reports on all aspects of business operations, which will help you reduce costs and expand your business into new markets.

  • There is a reduction in time required to process the information which is based on data transfers between the branches, factories, or head office in this system.

  • You can handle inventory level, items, price lists, special price agreements, and transfers between different warehouses, and inventory transactions via integrated processes like sales and purchasing.

  • SAP solutions allow companies to create production plans for automatic machine allocation based on the machine capacity.

  • Stage wise/bundle wise WIP tracking (i.e. cutting, sewing, washing, drying, ironing, etc.) can be carried out.

  • The unified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system lets companies keep constant touch and develop a close relationship with their customers by knowing their demands and learning from their feedback.

  • SAP’s integrated systems can be efficiently used in avoiding errors and duplicate data that help in increasing the expertise of the company.

SAP solution companies

With more than 27 years of experience delivering software solutions, implementation

and support, Gloitt knows how to minimize risks and optimize our customers’ SAP software to help ensure high-performance operations.

Gloitt’s SAP Active Global team provides implementation, consulting, and SAP application support services to more than 14 industries.

Our employees work from front offices that are linked to a global back-office staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week by professionals, and expert in a wide range of topics.

SAP application support

SAP’s solutions are the best ERP for all verticals and improve overall operational efficiency by providing:

  • High quality, manufacturing cost analysis, reduction in overall PTP and OTC lead time

  • Time and Action - provides task wise flexible analysis and progress monitoring

  • Inventory Aging analysis - there are few customers who used to maintain 5-6X of their monthly revenue, we have helped them reduce it to 2-3x which is considered to be an optimum level

  • Profitability analysis based on the product line, customer, manufacturing facility

  • In-depth insight on capacity availability and engagement level. (Factory cost/Minute)

  • Batch Classification, Fabric process loss, customer credit limit management, vendor evaluation

  • A real-time balance sheet with Daily Profit and Loss (Including real-time Creditor and Debtor Aging)

With so much to gain, SAP’s solutions are the answer to your challenges and can put your business on the fast track. Managing tasks with spreadsheets and legacy software slows you down in more ways than one, SAP is what will help you respond dynamically in this time of uncertainty and in our highly competitive world.


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