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“With our industry-specific, SAP-software-based resources and innovative solutions, we offer our clients deep technical knowledge and a wide range of industry experience through our industry specific professionals.

Product Configurator for Manufacturing Complex Products

Complex manufacturing business process, highly distinct and discrete in nature, often customer determines the features of the product.

The product configurator improves information exchange between sales, engineering, and production. Variant configuration helps the customer or salesperson to put together specifications for the product and ensure that the product can be produced from these specifications. It also ensures that production costs do not overstep the mark.

Benefits: Product configurator helps business to provide rapid response to customer inquiry, calculated production cost and Seamless information exchange between sales-engineering-production

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Tailored Best Practice Solutions for Apparel and Footwear

The rise of production complexity in modern apparel industry requirements are inevitable. Customers are demanding better quality, shorter delivery lead time, higher availability production facility and competitive price. Therefore, the Merchandizing, Production planning and control becomes crucial tasks. Also process integration and department integration becomes most crucial in order to cope with these challenges.

Gloitt's SAP implementation approach ease the merchandising, Planning and approval activities significantly by configuring customer request, Time and action, automatic production cost simulation, automatic determination of bill of material and routings thereby provides the comprehensive solution for discrete apparel production requirement.


Product Configurator for Valves

In general, value manufacturing businesses are extremely complex in nature and often discrete with each and every orders have different parameters such as its Valve types, Size, Class, pressure class, Material type and other measurements. This make the manufacturing of values a complex procedure with lot of customization which need to be engineered and then produced. Research and development are ongoing and Cost of information inconsistency and poor quality are extremely high.

Gloitt industry specific best practice expertise with variant configuration application delivers valve manufacturers with tangible operational excellence and world class solutions.


Metal Fabrication Business made simple with variant Configuration

Metal Fabrication business (Air-Duct) requirements are always unique in nature, demands creation of new master data - Price - BOM- Routings, and always customer determines the features of the product - Type, Length, Size, Diameter and Fittings etc., and perhaps industry never be able to standardize the product offerings.


Gloitt industry expertise and product modeling solutions transform the way the metal fabrication business is being done ever.


Our flexible product configurator, engineering calculation, automatic bill of material creation and automatic operation selection intelligent design reduces overall order-to-cash lead time, improves production process and seamless information exchange between departments, rapid response to customer queries.

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